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Can cases created from inbound email be auto-assigned to a subset of users in CE 6.5.13?

Question asked by Tomtom Tomtom on Feb 20, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2015 by BhaveshBhanushali

How to assign users in a group User in CE 6.5.13?

I'm trying to set up a user group so I can use the option "create a case from email" .

I read all the documentation available for my version, but it only tells us how to create a user group.

I Watch some video in support but it shows how to create a case from email using teams and my version i cannot create a team.

I'm not a DBA, so hopefully I don't have to go input the info for the groups thru the code.

Maybe in my version, when  you create a group user, it always include all the users in the group???

Thanks for the help.