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What are the best practices for pushing changes between a sandbox and production environment?

Question asked by jlabuelo on Feb 19, 2014
Latest reply on May 13, 2014 by Jason Eggers
Hi all

I have a question about good practices to develop a new set of features of our SugarCRM CE configuration. Actually we need to develop a big set of modules and work in hooks, coding and relations. 

Currently we have a PRD system and our idea would be to create a copy of the PRD System called SBX (SandBox) and perform all the Developtment in SBX while the rest of the users keep working as normal in PRD. I dont like the idea of having people programming in PRD while the business people is working on there at the same time.

My question is more related about how I do move the SBX development once done to PRD. I  mean for sure I am gonna have more DB tables, coding .... in SBX. About the system the solution is easy, I shutdown the PRD system and replace it with the SBX new configuration becoming now PRD... but what about the Data stored in the PRD DB DataModel. The Data Base model will be different for sure so I can not just take the PRD DB and install it in the SBX db as SBX will need tables that PRD dont have.

Any ideas or suggestions about how to move PRD data to new SBX DB please?, Will I have only the solution of updating tables one by one by using ETL?

Thanks a lot for your suggestions in advance