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Setting Filter fields for 'Select'  in subpanels - sugarcrm 7.1.0

Question asked by Ishani Vardhan on Feb 18, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2014 by Kedar Gawande
Hi there,

We are using Sugar Enterprise 7.1.0 for one of our projects.

And we have this requirement of adding a filter to 'Product Templates' module such that when we 'select' any individual product using sub panel we only get particular set of products to choose from that have this filter field value 'on' in them.

In Sugar 6.* we used to do this by means of adding required fields that we need the filter based on, in 'initial_filter_fields' array.

But not sure how to achieve this in Sugar 7 as could not find any references of doing the same from Developer guide or any other online links.

Could you please point in the right direction or highlight the steps to do the same? 

Thanks in advance