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Group Email scheduler is not working - Job appears stuck in a running status

Question asked by TM3ch TM3ch on Feb 16, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2014 by Nour Nour
I am using SugarCRM CE 6.5.16

I set up a group mail account in Admin/Inbound Email. It's a Google Apps account, so I just used the automatic setup and added my user name and password.

I tested that the connection works and made sure that IMAP is enabled for the account. Both were positive.

I made sure the scheduler is active.

I set up the CRON job in CPanel and confirmed it is running, I confirmed that the IMAP module is installed and enabled for my PHP.

All the above steps/tests were mentioned in different posts in the old forums. I think I did everything to get this going. Please let me know if I missed anything.

When I log at the scheduler I get the following in the Job Log (keep in mind that it is now 12:59pm the following day, 2/16):
Check Inbound Mailboxes


02/15/2014 07:26pm

02/15/2014 07:26pm

And in my log it says: 'Sat Feb 15 19:26:02 2014 [2784][1][FATAL] Job 95469ad3-6ffc-099a-d949-530005a83959 (Check Inbound Mailboxes) failed in CRON run'

It looks like the job is stuck. Any ideas what I can do to make this work?