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Dependent dropdown field is not visible on checkbox checked

Question asked by shivam.loadedtech on Feb 14, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2014 by Alex Nassi

I am working on SugarCRM Enterprise, Version 7.1.0 (Build 1040)

I have created two custom fields in contacts module.
1) inactive_flag_c (checkbox - default unchecked)
2) inactive_reason_c (dropdown)

I have marked "inactive_reason_c" field as dependent field with formula:: equal($inactive_flag_c,1).

Now on createView and editView "inactive_reason_c" field is showed/hidden based on the checkbox(inactive_flag_c) checked/unchecked.

The issue is, on recordView once we select value for "inactive_reason_c" dropdown field and click on "Save", at this point "inactive_reason_c" field is not visible (gets saved in DB fine), even though "inactive_flag_c" is checked.

Please review this issue and let us know if its a core bug of the sugar 7 or let us know if any code patch(solution) for this issue.