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Connect LDAP login verification

Question asked by aronysidoro aronysidoro on Feb 12, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2014 by Amit Simon
I'm having trouble connecting the LDAP for Sugar.  Would someone be able to assist?  Here are my current settings:

Server: <server_name>.hrh.local
Port: 389
User DN: ou=sugarcrm,dc=hrh,dc=local       # 'sugarcrm' is the alias name from MS Outlook
User Filter:
Bind Attribute: userPrincipalName
Login Attribute: sAMAccountName

# Under Group Membership
Group Membership: Yes
Group DN: ou=Groups,ou=Staff
Group Name: cn=<Sugar CRM-Security>     # 'Sugar CRM-Security' is the group name in MS Outlook
User Attribute: memberOf
Group Attribute: 

# Under Authentication:
Password: <sugarcrm_password_here>   # the Windows login password that we created for the 'sugarcrm' user

Am I missing a setting or something is not correct?

Thanks in advance.