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Issue with saving multiselect relationship field

Question asked by Krishna Bhaya on Feb 12, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2014 by Krishna Bhaya
There's issue in saving relationship field which is of type multiselect( multienum ). It's storing it as 'Array' in database instead of converting it into string value.

Real example with core relationship. 'contact_role' is a relationship field on 'opportunities_contacts' relationship. It's of dropdown field. If we changed it to multiselect field then it will be not saving its values while updating it from subpanel.

If we click on recordview(detail) of Opportunity record's contacts subpanel and then multiple options selected for role field that is,  'Primary Decision Maker'  and 'Business Decision Maker' are selected and than click on save button. It will send an ajax request with correct values but not saving it in database. It's saving it as 'Array' in database. It should store it as 

'^Primary Decision Maker^, ^Business Decision Maker^'

Any one has idea why it's behaving like that?