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Organizer Automatically Added to Call/Meeting

Question asked by gregg_moran gregg_moran on Feb 12, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2014 by Dhaivat Naik
So I get the feeling this is a topic that has been battled with for quite some time here (back several versions) - but at the risk of beating a dead horse I'm dragging it out again.

I'm using SugarCRM Community Edition, version 6.5.16.  Essentially the problem is that I'm an administrator, and when I attempt to log a call for an employee, it also adds me to the call, and I have to go manually remove myself from it every single time.

I've searched around, and I realized that the opposite of this was considered an issue back with Sugar 6.1 ( or, but for my problem - the opposite - there hasn't been much resolution.

There was an issue raised with this, issue #48696 in SugarCRM support (, but even the answer to it ( didn't really solve that actual issue at hand.

Basically, when I (user Gregg) am logging a call that I am assigning to user Jeff, I do NOT want it to add me to that call automatically and put it on my calendar, in my calls list, etc. - and the same goes with meetings.  Even when I try to go to the full call form and remove myself from the calendar box that is there, it does not actually remove me from it.

Has anybody out there found a working solution to this - or is anybody out there even having this issue?