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Where can I find FAQ's to this (new) forum?

Discussion created by sts sts on Jan 31, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2014 by Jason Eggers
I can't find FAQ's for this new forum and I miss a category for this. Searching for FAQs only gives results from the old forum at

What I was looking for is to find an answer to this question:
Is it possible to sort the answers to a question, e.g. to see the newest at the top? If you look at Old forum content that we do not want to lose for example there are so much answers now, that you'll have to click on "View more ..." at the bottom of the page to get the newest ... I'd like to see the newest in front when opening. The options at the top "All X replies", "Official", "Popular" are not of much help in that case.