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How do I add a custom css style in SugarCRM 7?

Question asked by Jason Eggers on Jan 29, 2014
Latest reply on May 3, 2014 by paperless
I saw this question on StackOverflow and it's something that devs are going to need from time to time. Basically, how do you now add your own custom css at the theme level?  The original question is how to do it in an upgrade-safe way. My goal is to find a way that is also customization-aware so that a 3rd party solution can safely add it's own css, if needed. There are some js hacks that could be used, but would like to avoid that method if possible.

Original question:

          In SugarCRM 6 we could modify css styles by placing the
custom css style in a file called style.css under
custom/themes/Sugar/css. Is there a similar way for doing this in
SugarCRM 7 ?

The style I wish to change is in a css file located in
cache/themes/clients/base/default/sugar_xxx.css. What is the
upgrade-safe way of modifying this ?