Known Issues With Our New Community

Discussion created by raffle Employee on Jan 17, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2015 by raffle
As we transition to the new community, please be aware of the following known issues:
  • Post count and post history will NOT carry over to the new community.

  • Any threads created on the old forum after 1/9/2014 were not imported to the new community. The old forums will remain available but locked until they are taken down completely on April 30th, 2014. If you had a thread in the old forum that you would like to continue in the new forum, please create a new conversation and you can link to the old forum thread.   

  • Posts that were converted from the old forums and also contained foreign characters such as an umlaut or accent do not show the characters as expected. Any new content created in the new community will display all foreign characters as they are entered.

  • Related to the above issue, conversation counts will include conversations that you do not have access to.

  • Third party cookies must either be enabled or a special exception must be made for community.sugarcrm.com in order to allow for sign in
  • Creating posts in HTML source mode (i.e. the '</>' button in the WYSIWYG) will cause issues if the post is edited. For example, symbols such a &, <, and > will be encoded upon saving the edit and <br> tags will be inserted at each line break.