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Problems with data loader

Question asked by community-support on Jan 13, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2014 by community-support
We had an issue with some missing emails so I decided to go about fixing it with the data loader. The IDs we used originated out of sugar so I know all we needed to do were updates - not inserts. However there is NO option to do just updates. There is an option to update existing data while creating new data if it does not exist.

So this is what I choose. After several hundred records in it will say 'Database Error' check sugarcrm.log for details. I go to the log and it is doing insert queries on the leads table and getting a duplicate primary key.

There are a few things about this:

When doing huge data loads use INSERT IGNORE and UPDATE IGNORE so you don't end up with a half finished import of thousands of records. Or just simply continue to the next record instead of stopping the whole process halfway and show an error report at the end. The current method creates huge data inconsistencies.

There should be an option to only do updates.

I am a well versed seasoned programmer who has already done a ton of sugarcrm coding without touching any of the core source code. If I add an update without creating new records feature would you incorporate it into the product? I'm sure I will need to change the core source code to fix this.

We are using the professional edition.

(from kagronick)