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Access Sugarcrm Data without Entry Points and SOAP Interfaces

Question asked by community-support on Jan 13, 2014
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Is is possible to access the data in the sugarcrm database over a sugar bean object when the data needs to be accesses from another site on the same server?


We want to access the data, but:

  - We dont want to use the SOAP interface because its slow.

  - We dont want to use entry points because then we would have to move or split up our own code.

  - We still want to have the benefits of a sugar bean (auditing, ACL, be upgrade safe, etc.)

  - We currently access the sugar database directly but have to do anything manually.

So the question is: What Classes do I need to instanciate to get a SugarBean Object that I can give the data and then call the save method?



(from area78)