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Web-to-lead forms: Changed created by user?

Question asked by community-support on Jan 13, 2014
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Hi all,

I'm setting up a new web-to-lead form and it is working fine.

However, I would like the Created By user of the lead to be different than who the assigned user is.

In the code generated by Sugar, you can change who the new Lead is assigned to by editing assigned_user_id in the following tag:



It appears though that the Created By user of the lead created by the form will match the user that is defined in the hidden input shown above.  Is there a way to change who the Created By user will be without changing who the lead is assigned to?

I tried adding a hidden input like the below -- I've also tried changing the name and value of the hidden input to 'created_by_id' and 'created_by' but still no luck.



But it still defaults the Created By user as whoever is specified in the assigned_user_id field.  Any way to get this working?

(from CastleBravo)