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Question asked by community-support on Jan 13, 2014
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Hello guys and sorry for my noob-question right from the start. I worked with SugarCRM as a user with admin rights in my previous employment and really like sugarCRM. Now I want to check if I can use it for my own company. So far so good. Now the difficult part starts: I do not have a spare PC around where i could install it to play around. So, I thought to 'rent' an Amazon server with windows/Linux, php and sql/mysql pre-installed. I guess that stuff is called AWS EC2 and doesnt cost a thing for 1 year. Fine for me.

The question is: Is that the right preparation? Is it possible to install  SugarCRM on this kind of machine? Amazon talks about the availability of instances but does not explain what an instance in particular means. For getting answers, I have to buy/book it there. Not my way. So, now you know that I am not a developer.

I also checked the pages of sugarCRM for the system requirements but I dont really get it.

Can somebody with patience enlighten me, please?

I didn't post this in 'Installation' because I am not at that stage yet.

Hope to hear from you guys. You are m last hope, Obi Wan Kenobe.

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