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Knowledge Base / FAQ module - CE

Question asked by community-support on Jan 13, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2015 by Alex Nassi
Hi there.

I'm starting to work now as a admin/developer for SugarCRM, i'm familiar with HTML/PHP/MySQL but it's my first time working on a CRM.

I'm trying to find a module that allows to view and manage a Knowledge Base, or a FAQ, for quick access. The point being, as an example, someone calls my company to ask for information about a certain product, i go check the KB/FAQ so i can find the answer about the product, like its price, availability, etc etc.

The thing is, I've checked all around for modules like this, and either they're paid (which isn't an option for me right now), or they have no compatibility with my Sugar version.

Is there any known module that can do this?

I've already searched on sugarexchange, sugarforge, etc, all point down to the same end.

Are there any other good repositories available?

Thanks in advance,

PS: Using Community Edition, SugarCE-6.5.16

(from gosucrm)