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Creating Cases with linked Notes via  RESTfuul API

Question asked by community-support on Jan 13, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2014 by community-support
I am creating Cases and link Notes to these Cases using RESTful Sugar Web Services in PHP.

I link the Notes to the Cases using the parent_type and parent_id fields on the Notes.

When I open sugarCRM (7.1.0) then I do not see the Notes linked to the Cases if I open a Case record.

I do however see the Notes linked to the Case in the Notes list view but also not on the Note record view.

If I create a Note on a Case via the GUI then it works fine and if I look at the Note I created via the API and the one created via the GUI, they have the exact same parent_type and parent_id values.

Is there some other table for the relation which I also need to set?

(from gervor)