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Moved sugar to new domain/database name now I can't display as tabs and buttons broke

Question asked by community-support on Jan 13, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2014 by community-support
Hey everyone quick question before I reinstall this.  I had SugarCE on CentOS on a VPS running fine.  I just realized I can install it on SiteGround my web host so tried for fun.  It's 10x faster there so I want to move to it.  The only issue is on my VPS my sugar database is called sugar, but on siteground it has to be account#_databasename.  So I used phpmyadmin with just the default settings and exported my sugar database, then imported into the new database.  I created a user for it, and then moved sugar to the new system the way I've done many times.  In config.php I changed the server name and user name.

The only issue I have is if I go to accounts or contacts, I have it set to display all sections as a tab, however it displays them instead as a panel, but like a broken panel so no name showing and no ability to collapse them.  If I say show as panels then that works, but if I go back to tabs, it's broken.  Also under opportunities, they do view as tabs, however all buttons are broken, they have a border around them, and there's no little drop down, so for example you can only press Edit, you can't press the drop down to select duplicate etc. 

I tried repair and rebuild, checked permissions everything seems fine but I can't fix that. Was going to just reinstall from scratch but it's a pain unless there's a way to quickly copy my custom fields over only.  Any suggestions?

(from lmoreau)