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getting related fields using the get_relationships method

Question asked by community-support on Jan 13, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2014 by tobydz
I'm having a problem getting the related fields when I use the get_relationships method of the API. I get a list of the related fields, but not the related link fields.

Using the call method supplied by sugar I have the following parameters set:

$rel_module_record_id = 'b745d52a-2549-ce70-b700-526656f5a3d9';

$rel_module_name = 'ProspectLists';

$rel_module_link = 'prospectlists_atc_appointments_1';

$rel_query = '';

$rel_fields = array('name','description','appointment_number','appointment_status');

$rel_link_fields = array(array('name' => 'atc_clientsalesreps_atc_appointments_c','value' => array('first_name','last_name'),

                                 'name' => 'atc_appointments_contacts','value' => array('first_name','last_name')));

$rel_orderby = '';

in the $rel_link_fields list I've tried the link name, the module name and the table link name but it never returns any records. How do I get the fields related to the appointments that are returned?