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Custom Module layout/display question

Question asked by community-support on Jan 13, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2014 by community-support

   I thought at first I had messed up my template, but then I created a new custom module from scratch using module builder, I used only basic fields.  So far I have only noticed this effect in EditView.  DetailView does not display the distortion.

   When I add a 'New Panel'  the width of the panel appears wider than Panel 1.  When I add a field to the new panel, and then save/deploy...etc.  When I use edit view to create or edit the record the page layout appears 'offset' or distorted. the panel runs off-page ... but not on the original panel 1 only on 'New Panels'

   Once I discovered that it wasn't something I had done to it, I wanted to find the layout problem....but I wasn't sure where to look.  I guess I'll start looking in Module Builder and see where it leads me, but I wouldn't mind taking a short cut if someone has any information on what is going on with this layout issue and if there is a fix for it.  Or if it's a known bug?



(from ewpeanutty)