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Mass Importing Old Emails from POP3 Email Account into SugarCRM CE

Question asked by community-support on Jan 13, 2014
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I am running SugarCRM CE 6.5.16 using the various functionalities, including having sent/received emails from within SugarCRM using an external IMAP account over the past year. We now have to import a couple of thousand old emails into SugarCRM that reside in a POP3 email account on a local server, the POP3 account is no longer used and after importing these old emails into SugarCRM we plan to delete the old POP3 account. I can massage and format the emailcontents etc. any way necessary for importing into SugarCRM so that is not a problem.

Googling I have not found any functionality for mass importing old emails into SugarCRM, there are, however, several email-related tables in the SugarCRM MySQL database. It looks like the email itself would be stored in the table 'email_text' which also has fields for the 'from_addr' and the 'to_addrs' but there is also relationships with the other email tables, i.e., emails, emails_beans, and emails_email_addr_rel, thus at least four email tables are linked.

Can anyone point me to some documentation as to how I can massimport the old emails I have (see above)?


(from haga637)