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Custom Field for Cases module in Studio

Question asked by community-support on Jan 13, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2014 by community-support
Firstly, I have just started using SugarCRM so I apologize for my noobiness.  When creating cases, I want to assign them to Contacts instead of Accounts.  I have found documentation for doing this by manipulating the php files, but I was curious how this would be done in the Studio.  I have been reading through the documentation and I see a lot, but I am having trouble getting the ideas for the basics.

When I go to Studio > Cases > Fields and add a field in for Contacts with the related LBL_CONTACTS_SUBPANEL_TITLE label, it does not create a sub panel view.  It just creates a text field with no little 'Arrow' to select the sub panel.  I also want to make the new contacts field dependent on the Accounts field, so that the Accounts field has to be read only and populated before the contacts field can be selected, and then to make only the contacts for that client show up in the sub panel.

Is that possible through the Studio?  If not, is some of it possible through the studio and then some of it done through the custom vardefs php files?  If I can get pointed in the right direction, that would be fantastic.

(from slwtx1983)