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SOAP API: Issue on tracking Modules

Question asked by community-support on Jan 13, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2014 by community-support
I have a recurring problem using the NuSOAP library with obtaining the lists in my 'Leads' module. It seems it can't seem to find the lists of the Leads module and I double-checked to see if the module itself was included using the call method, get_available_modules. The module is indeed listed down along the other default modules in the CRM. I doubt its a spelling error because if it was, I'd be getting this:



     [result_count] => -1

     [entry_list] => Array



     [error] => Array


             [number] => 20

             [name] => Module Does Not Exist

             [description] => This module is not available on this server



This problem seems to be only occur for this specific module since all the others (Accounts, Opportunities, Contacts etc.) shows me results.

I'm listing down the function call I use to call the list of records on the 'Leads' module.

Here is the code:

function getlistofrecords($login_info, $module_name)


  $session_id = login($login_info);

  $client = display_client_errors($login_info[0]);

  $accounts_fields = accounts_array();

  $contacts_fields = contacts_array();

  $get_entry_list_parameters = array(

   'session' => $session_id,

   'module_name' => $module_name,

   'query' => '',

   'order_by' => '',

   'offset' => '0',

   'select_fields' => $leads_fields,    // For retrieving leads

   /* 'select_fields' => $contacts_fields, */    // For retrieving contacts

   'link_name_to_fields_array' => array(


   'max_results' => '3',    /* 490 is the maximum amount of records able to parsed by the browser so far */

   'deleted' => '0',

   'Favorites' => false,


  $get_entry_list_result = $client->call('get_entry_list', $get_entry_list_parameters);

  if (empty($get_entry_list_result))


   echo '';

   echo 'The module is unavailable.';

   echo '';




   echo '';


   echo '';



As expected, I'm getting the error message I set when I get no results from the 'Leads' module that I queried.

(from Alex Erm)