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How do I remove report filter settings for one specific user?

Question asked by community-support on Jan 13, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2015 by Manish Manish
Hi all -

I'm new to using Sugar and we are setting up reports and dashboards now.  I have a problem with a chart report I created.  For all users (except one) the chart displays properly.  For the one specific user the chart is displayed but the filter string is different for that one user.  The chart is created using Summary and Details and is shared Globally. 


This is the filter string for the user that is having trouble.  The filter string has several conditions added to it that other users do not have.

((Opportunities > Stage NOT IN ('Closed Won','Closed Lost'))) AND opportunities.team_set_id IN (select tst.team_set_id from team_sets_teams tst INNER JOIN team_memberships team_memberships ON tst.team_id = team_memberships.team_id AND team_memberships.user_id = '376fa9bc-f46d-7a9e-f86c-5217e118e570' AND team_memberships.deleted=0)


This is the filter string for all users except the one.

((Opportunities > Stage NOT IN ('Closed Won','Closed Lost')))


This appears to have something to do with the specific user but I am unable to find where these additional filter settings are coming from.  How do I remove these additional filter settings for this one specific user?



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