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Creating a custom auto-increment case number field instead of the default case_number

Question asked by community-support on Jan 13, 2014
Latest reply on May 16, 2014 by paperless

I'm trying to create a custom case number field since when I try to import from a v5.0 instance to a CE v6.5.16, I'm not able to map the case number to the default field intended for it. It's visible on Studio but I can't seem to use it during the importation process (particularly the Field Mappings Section).

Now, I thought I could fix this by just creating an auto-incrementing custom field called 'custom_case_number_c' similar to 'case_number' but I ran across an issue. The issue is that while I'm able to find some sources to make it similar to the default case number like disabling the editable area for custom_case_number_c, I'm not able to save it correctly during the Create Process.

Here is the breakdown:

1) I put custom_case_number_c on both the DetailView and EditView.

2) I create a test case example filling in all the required fields.

3) After clicking on 'Save', what I should see is an auto-incremented value on the 'custom_case_number_c' but its not there.

4) Now here's the tricky part, when I 'edit' the record and save it without changing anything, 'custom_case_number_c' is populated with the incremented integer.

So, the question is, how can I correctly mirror what happens on the Create view as opposed to the Edit View?

Please help, I feel that I am so close yet so far.

(from Alex Erm)