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where does the related field value in QuickCreate subpanel comes from?

Question asked by community-support on Jan 13, 2014
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i created a custom module called 'Comments' (like 'Notes' but a bit different).

i related it to Cases module so each case will have a couple of Comments.

when i push the 'Create' button in the 'Comments' subpanel in a Case Detailview,

The case gets automatically filled.


looking all over for the code that does that, cannot find it.

Does anyone know where it is?

the reason is that i operate a view.edit.php file when the QuickCreate editview opens (using Display() function with '$useForSubpanel = true;' class property)

but the Bean is totally empty!

how can it be empty if the related field of 'Case' is filled???!!

i need to reach to that related case but the bean is empty and getting related beans is also empty:


$relatedCases = $this->bean->get_linked_beans('cases_sa_comments_1','aCase');   // $relatedCases = null


when i will have that Case bean , i will extract the created_by field and put it into assigned_to field, so the new comment will always be assigned to the case creator.

need your help experts :)

read about tens of posts here , didn't find a solution

(from rodnikosh)