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Jonathan Goldstraw
I am fairly new to Sugar but I was wondering where I should start in trying to integrate survey data from Qualtrics into customer data in Sugar? We run surveys with customers following an engagement and would like to record this data in Sugar to help understand customer needs and ensure we are tracking in the right direction with our improvements,… (Show more)
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prasert tta
I use sugarCE v.5.5.1 and i want to upgrade to 6.1.0 but  Upgrade Steps:   1: System Checks   2: Upload an upgrade In Progress   3: Preflight Check   4: Commit Upgrade   5: Debrief in Upgrade Steps:2 i upload file SugarCE-Upgrade-5.5.1-to-6.1.0  when upload 100%  it redirect to homepage(index.php)   How can i fix it ?   Thanks
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Alex Nassi
Setting up your profile is the first step to becoming active in your community. Your user profile provides other community members with an easy way to learn about your experience, skills, and interests. Your profile shows up in search results when other members search for keywords contained in your profile. You can update your information at any…
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Enrico Simonetti
TLDR  Developing Sugar on Docker, get up to speed now!   The long version  What are Docker containers? If containers for you are more than the two pictures below… then you are in the right place!     As you might be aware, there has been and there continues to be a lot of hype around containers. The hype really started with Docker, but… (Show more)
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Rich Green
Sugar 8.0.1 is now available for all customers using Sugar's on-premise product. Sugar 8.0.1 includes updates to the Data Privacy enhancements added in the Sugar 8 release.   With this release, erasing personal information via the Data Privacy module now removes erased values from activity stream posts and replaces them with ‘Value Erased’. For… (Show more)
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Kayla Ebert
Forgive me if I'm posting in the wrong spot!   We have an added custom fields for calls that allow a user to select "TT" for Talk To, "LM" for "Left Message",  "Scheduled Call" and "Ops Note". It helps give us a better idea of which clients are picking up the phone vs not.    My sales director wants me to provide her a report of all of our… (Show more)
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Missy Brooks
Please advise - Within our Cases module, two required fields, "Support Type" & "Product" cannot be defaulted to any one value, since all teams create cases. However, individuals within teams would love the ability to personalize defaults of those fields according to login. We do not (yet) use roles or permissions, but are there options within… (Show more)
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Artis Plocins
The Emails module is now built with Sidecar in Sugar 8. When you have a note record with a file attachment, how do you attach that file to an email draft using either JS or PHP in Sugar? Whenever I attempt to use the related attachments collection and save the email draft, the attachment disappears.
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Clint Oram
SugarCRM is pleased to announce that version 4.7.2 of the Customer Journey Plug-in is now available.   This latest release includes support for Summer '18 (8.1) release and fixes critical issues identified in prior releases of the Customer Journey Plug-in. More information on the new features and enhancements as well as the fixed bugs can be… (Show more)
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Chris  Brown
I'm a newbie at Sugacrm and am trying to create a custom field for maps of addresses for my leads. Do anyone know how can I proceed?
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Moises Jimenez
Following the steps in… I successfully added a few custom fields to Quotes, one of them is a datecombo field. When executing a Quote->Copy all fields including my custom fields are copied correctly expect my datecombo field.  … (Show more)
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