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Alexandros Ntalagiannis
Hello, dear Sugar Community,   I built a custom module via Module Builder and I would like to add functions in the <module>.php file in an upgrade safe way.  So, I have to do it via the path of  "/custom/....", but In which paths do I have to add my files and what files should I extend?    I use version 8 of SugarCRM.   Any help is really… (Show more)
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Ivica Nedeljkovic
It would be useful for SugarCRM developers and eventually administrators to be able to access past SugarCRM developer and administration guides.  We are working with many clients that are hosted on their own environment, and even if we instruct them to upgrade to latest version, this is not always possible. Also we often get some new clients…
carlos valencia
es posible limitar campos a usuarios, por roles?. en la versión 6.5
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Philippe Maly
Since a couple of days, my Sugar Outlook plugin is not opening within Outlook.  It loads but in a separate window which I cannot move nor resize instead of opening on the right-hand side of my Outlook client. I'm running Win10, Outlook 365 and tried to upgrade to the latest 2.6.0 version of the plugin but without much luck. It worked OK for 2… (Show more)
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Yury Voloshin
I'm trying to solve the problem of Lead assignment notifications not working. This question has two parts. 1) What are the possible causes of lead assignment notifications not being sent out, besides those listed in documentation? In my case, the system-level notifications are On and email works well for other uses. Self-assignment has been ruled… (Show more)
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Kayla Ebert
I was recently asked to pull a log to show how many calls a group of 160 clients had received in the past 4 months.   I ended up going to each record to get the call information.   I would love to have a "call time stamp card" for each contact. Every time a call is logged, that field is "stamped" and the newest call is added to the list of calls…
Helpdesk WTN
Hello! we have problems with plugins v2.5 and v2.6, when we archive an email, the .pdf or other attachments doesnt get upload. Is it a bug? we have the "Always send email attachments to Sugar" selected.   We saw other users with the same problems Outlook plugin 2.5 not archiving attachments and it seems that v2.4.4 is working fine.   Can… (Show more)
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Kenneth Brill
Has anyone even been able to set the default login module?  I have looked everywhere I can find but I havnt seen a solution.  My users want to go to 'Cases' when logged in and not 'Home'.
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Giovanni Marazzi
Greetings developers,   I have been having this issue and suport can't solve it. When i use normal requests like PUT, POST or GET on these custom modules they work out fine. Also when i use bulk on "default" modules it also works. Can someone shed light on how to solve this please?     Best Regards, Giovanni 
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Rupesh  Ranjangaonkar
Hi Team,   I have one account logic hook in "custom/Extension/modules/Accounts/Ext/LogicHooks". I have written some custom logic inside that only for account save.   Now when I convert Lead, click on "the unconverted" button, it creates "Contact" and "Accounts".As i clicked on "Save & Convert" button. As show below.       It throws the below… (Show more)
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