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john Fieldsend
Im trying to setup a VM - Ubuntu 18 to run a local copy of sugar 9 enterprise to further develop custom code. I did have sugar running as a LAMP on my mac but this has caused issues and sugar advised a local VM is the better way to develop sugarcrm. We currently have a cloud instance of sugar so amusing a backup of that server to create the local
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Marco Pierobon
Hi, I am setting up a new environment on a fresh Ubuntu install. I copied the installation files for Sugar 7.2 Enterprise and I started the installation process. During the check I get this message Test for .htaccess rewrites failed. This usually means you do not have AllowOverride set up for Sugar directory. I ensured that the mod_rewrite was
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Matt Marum
Recording:How to write code for SugarCloud   We often get questions about building code customizations for SugarCloud. Even experienced developers who have developed customizations for on-site Sugar installations do not know what is possible in SugarCloud. In short, SugarCloud does support custom code though there are some rules that need to