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Fabian Varasteh
Hi all,   we are currently looking into segregating our system by teams. Previously we already had teams assigned to users, but all records in our system were defaulted "Global".   I started changing all existing account teams and split them into our three business regions AMERICAS, APAC and EMEA.   My issue now is, how do I

john Fieldsend
Hi all,   been busy learning lots about sugar and made masses of progress with moving from Salesforce to sugar CRM but just hit another snag and wanted to check if my login or understanding was correct.   We have two custom modules Holokote (holo_holokote) and Feature Keys (holo_featurekey), these should have a relation ship of one
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Missy Brooks
Is there an administrative way to hide products in the catalog until they are ready to be sold? (Sugar Pro There are a variety of reasons we need to do this now, and more reasons I can think of for the future. I would like to have the ability to create the entries, then write up and connect all the terms and conditions for them in