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john Fieldsend
Hi all, Has anyone done this or is it at all passible. We have created a custom countries module which has records of countries  and other data required by our business. We would like to create a dropdown field in the accounts module  put those dropdown options being the records in the country module.   I have read this

Chris Raffle
“We have finally done it! We attended meetings, toiled over designs, and delivered a new process that is going to streamline our operations while simultaneously improving our customer experience. We just need the team to adopt it, so we would like you all to... read this memo! Even better, the memo outlines the painstaking nuances to
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Subhankar Das
Hi, I'm using SugarCRM 7.6. I have two drop downs One is Manufacturer & another is Products. I want to populate products drop down depending on the value selected in Manufacturer drop down. What I did so far: in record.js, in Oncahnge event calling a function which will fetch Product name using a custom function from API. I am able get back
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Caesar Yu
We've customized the file /custom/base/views/profileactions/profileaction.hbs for the purpose that when user clicks "Log Out" in the top menu bar, a customized modal window will popup. Below is the code segment of the modal window:<div id="myModal" class="modal fade" role="dialog"><div class="modal-dialog"><div