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Announcement 1 Planned Maintenance to Login System - May 18-19th
Announcement:Planned Maintenance to Login System - May 18-19th

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melissa plumitallo
I am trying to launch the contact page with a specific contactID from c#. I am able to authenticate and get a token. when I try to launch the page, it get pushed to the login page. I know I am using the right creds. it seems to work properly if I am already logged into sugar.

Artis Plocins
When I use app.api.fileDownload() to download a PDF file generated by SugarPDF (TCPDF) sent inline to the browser I get a warning message in Chrome (or just a TCPDF version message in Firefox) and never receive the generated file.   The Chrome message says: Resource interpreted as Document but transferred with MIME type application/pdf: