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Avoid duplicates in Summation with Details report

Question asked by Nicolas A on Mar 19, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2018 by Patrick McQueen

Hi All


To synchronize my MailChimp with SugarCRM leads, I'm using the plugin SugarChimp which works quite well.

One key functionality that I wanted to use is the creation of performance reports about opens and clicks within the SugarCRM report module.


For that reason, I set up a "Summation with Details" report with grouping based on "Activity Type" which is "Open", "Click" and "Send" and display columns are "Name" and "Account". The data runs smoothly into the rows and columns, however, I have a big issue:


The report displays each interaction of "Open" or "Click" as a dedicated entry which means if a lead opens our newsletters 3 times, I get him reported in 3 separated rows.


Is there any way to force the report to only show every entry once? I already contacted SugarChimp support but they can't help since it's a limitation coming from the reports module of SugarCRM.