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Automatically reassign tasks?

Question asked by Tom Repetti on Oct 11, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2018 by B_Canales

So I am new to working with the process / workflow within Sugar, so I am hoping my problem is an education issue.


What I am trying to solve is:

Our marketing team creates a task for one of our salespersons to follow up with an existing lead (one that is already assigned to the rep).  The marketing person usually assigns the task to the salesperson associated with the lead, but sometimes they forget, which means that the task NEVER makes it to the salesperson's dashlet.  


What I am hoping is that the Process module will allow me to automate this (something like the following):

1 - Marketing creates new task, referencing an existing, assigned lead

2 - When record is saved, a lookup is done to find the 'Assigned to' user for the lead

3 - Sugar replaces the 'Assigned to' field IN THE TASK with the 'Assigned to' user from the Lead.


If anyone can tell me if this is possible OR let me know other ways to do this, I'd be appreciative.