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On Demand Local Deployment gives Javascript Error - undefined url in utils.buildUrl()

Question asked by Gary Smart on Aug 1, 2017
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I'm trying to restore a On Demand instance from backup locally to a laptop for diagnosis and development.


However, I cannot get the login page to load due to a JS error.


The error is in utils.js:


The comment in utils.js talks about 'siteUrl'. I just assume that comes from $suger_config['site_url'], which I have set in config_override.php as $sugar_config['site_url'] = "http://ewd.local". (This was not the case)


Inspecting in a prior and working local ION deployment's utils.js and I get a url like "cache/javascript/base/components_1c8f5d241265570e3f6564e6f21848e3.js"


My problem is with SugarCRM Pro. I've been able to successfully deploy the same ION instance locally back when it was at version 7.7.X.X


I've done the following without any luck:

  • Cleared the cache/ folder.
  • Performed a Quick Repair (via command line php script)
  • Cleared browser cache.


I've also reviewed these forums, and the On-Demand -> On Prem support docs and found nothing.


Any thoughts/guidance would be greatly appreciated.