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overriding Save button : after ajax validation save editView form

Discussion created by Gaelle Fernandez on Jul 10, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2020 by David Solano Rojas
Hello everybody!!

You may have noticed that this thread is a duplicate one of Sugar 7 bwc overriding Save button to add ajax but i don't know why but the forum did a mess with it and repeated everything several times (Hey @Sugar Staff, i didn't find somewhere to talk about it).

So, here is again my problem, with better construction and further precision.

What i want :

I want sugar to check if the assigned user already have meetings planned WHEN the current user clicks on Save button.

What i did :
I've overrided the Save button by doing this custom code under custom/modules/Meetings/editviewdefs.php :

array (            'customCode' => '<input title="{$APP.LBL_SAVE_BUTTON_TITLE}" id ="SAVE_HEADER" accessKey="{$APP.LBL_SAVE_BUTTON_KEY}" class="button primary" onclick="SUGAR.meetings.fill_invitees();return validationPlanification();document.EditView.action.value=\'Save\'; document.EditView.return_action.value=\'DetailView\'; {if isset($smarty.request.isDuplicate) && $smarty.request.isDuplicate eq "true"}document.EditView.return_id.value=\'\'; {/if} formSubmitCheck();" type="button" name="button" value="{$APP.LBL_SAVE_BUTTON_LABEL}">',

you can see it is calling a js function, which is below and is defined under customjs.js (this last is included in editviewdefs too)

function validationPlanification(){ if($("#status").val()=="Planned"){
  var user_id = $("#assigned_user_id").val();
  var user_name = $("#assigned_user_name").val();
  var duration_h = $("#duration_hours").val();
  var duration_m = $("#duration_minutes").val();
  var date_start = $("#date_start_date").val()+" "+$("#date_start_hours").val()+":"+$("#date_start_minutes").val();
  var href = $(".moduleTitle").find('h2 a').attr('href');//trouver le lien du record
  if (href != undefined){
   var idx = href.indexOf('record');//trouver où se situe le mot "record"
   var bean_id = href.substr(idx+7);//chopper l'id
   var bean_id = '';

  var ajax = $.ajax({
   url: "http://&lt;Sugarbase&gt;/index.php?entryPoint=validateAvailability",
   type: "POST",
   data: { userid : user_id, beanid : bean_id, date : date_start, h : duration_h, m : duration_m},
   success: function(data){
    if (data === "false"){
     alert("L'utilisateur "+user_name+" a déjà d'autres rendez-vous de prévus sur cette plage horaire!");
     //on ne peut pas sauvegarder
     return false;
    if (data === "true"){
     //return true;
     return check_form('EditView');
   error: function(){
    console.log("SQL Failure");

you can see this function is doing an ajax call to a custom entrypoint. this works (tested it by setting some log at the beginning of the entry point) this entrypoint is querying the base to know if the assigned user already have a meeting set. It returns $is_available = true if the user does not have a meeting. else, it returns$is_available = false.
This works, i've set some console.log(data) when the ajax call is a success.

Then, you can see i'm testing the data retrieved. if data is true, so Sugar must save the current editview form. and if it is false, i think i'll throw an alert.

What is not working :
Everything works fine until i try to save the editview form : my return check_form('EditView') does not work, neither a simple "return true".

Do you have any idea on that?

Thanks a lot for the long reading, and your time.