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Differences between Sugar 7 clean install and an instance upgraded from Sugar 6

Question asked by chadhutchins on Aug 13, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2014 by Jason Eggers
In working on SugarChimp, I've found that there are differences between instances that are clean Sugar 7 installs and those that have been upgraded from Sugar 6.

For example, SugarChimp is a single installable package that works for Sugar 6 and Sugar 7. In a clean Sugar 7 instance, the admin pages for SugarChimp use our Sugar 7 views that live in client/base/views, but in an upgraded from Sugar 6 instance, it will use our views in the old views folder. It's like in upgraded systems, something tells Sugar 7 to default to use the Sugar 6 controller.

Are there any special configuration settings for upgraded Sugar 7 installs compared to clean Sugar 7 installs?

We're seeing a couple small issues in the latest Sugar 7.2.2 release, and this may be part of what's going on. Thanks!