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How do you add a custom address field to 7.2?

Question asked by Gaelle Fernandez on Jun 20, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2014 by Gaelle Fernandez
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Hello everyone,

In Meetings module, i need a address box, with street, city and postalcode.
I've created a new "Address" field through studio, which is called "Localisation". I've saved, and Sugar did create the different fields. (street,city,postalcode and state)

So, that part is ok.

Now, under edit and detail views, i would like to have these fields wrapped into a "Localisation" box, like it is done for accounts and its billing_address. You know, when you are in Studio and you can add just the field "billing address**" and it add the all needed fields? (see the attachments below)

I would like to do the same as accounts' billing_address fields' box for the custom address for my meetings.

Do you have any idea?

Thank you.