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How to replace fields value in SugarCRM 7?

Question asked by Daniel Ma on Jun 25, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2016 by Emil Maran
Dear Guys,

After we used sugarCRM new Version of SugarCRM 7.20, we find a big technical problems in the front end part of our customize development. As SugarCRM 7 with much adjustment of front end part, now we can't find the fields elements id. this is the main problem, no elements id then we can't add some customize coding to control for the fields value in the page.

For example, one of our customer said, we need to add one dropdown field in the Account module, but the selection of this dropdown we can't define it by studio, because the selection of this dropdown field is dynamically, and get it from another system not SugarCRM. for this case, as before we will add one field by studio, type is dropdown, in the front end page, we will try to add some JS customize coding, find this dropdown fields elements id, then replace it. Now as fields id we can't find in front end part, how we can handle these cases ? This is normally request from our customer.

Do you have some suggestion or reference document, help us find the defined fields id in the page ?