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Configuration for MySQL Master/Slave and MySQL Native Driver (mysqlnd)

Question asked by amusarra amusarra on Jun 20, 2014
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I designed a HA configuration for SugarCRM as shown in the figure (visible a partial architecture ). To take advantage of master / slave configuration of MySQL, has been introduced in the architecture using the driver MySQL Native Driver and the related plugin MySQL ND MS.

The MySQL native driver for PHP (mysqlnd) is a drop-in replacement for the MySQL Client Library (libmysql) for the PHP script language. MySQL recommends using the MySQL native driver for PHP (mysqlnd) together with ext/mysqli or PDO_MySQL.

The mysqlnd replication and load balancing plugin
    (mysqlnd_ms) adds easy to use MySQL replication      support to all PHP MySQL extensions that use      mysqlnd.   

Mysqlnd plugins like <b>mysqlnd_ms</b> operate, for the      most part, transparently from a user perspective. The replication      and load balancing plugin supports all PHP applications, and all      MySQL PHP extensions. It does not change existing APIs. Therefore,      it can easily be used with existing PHP applications. 

As of PHP 5.4, the mysqlnd library is a compile time default to all PHP MySQL extensions but the Sugar 7.2.x Supported Platforms not supported this version (only PHP 5.3.25).

mysqlnd became available in PHP 5.3. The operating system where will be SugarCRM installed is the RedHat Enterprise Linux 6.5, on this OS, the version of php is 5.3.3 without mysqlnd support and not exists the rpm binary of the php-mysqlnd on the RHEL official repository.

  • I could install the module php-mysqlnd from source (5.3.3), so I would lose the support from RedHat and in any case is an effort that I would avoid;
  • I could install version 5.4.29 of php (which already includes mysqlnd) directly from one of the RHEL repository. This is the easiest way that I prefer to adopt.
Why SugarCRM does not yet support the 5.4 version of PHP?
When will be expected to support 5.4?
In your opinion what is the best way forward without having to lose your support?

Antonio M.