Process Author on field change

Discussion created by Shad on Sep 28, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2018 by Marcel Lyyra
I saw for Sugar Enterprise 7.6.1 the standard Workflow is going to be end of life in late 2016.

I looked at converting some existing workflow to Process Author but there are some key features that seem to be missing or I am not setting the process definition up properly.

1. There still seems to be a but (See this post Process Author: Add Related Record -> Creating a Call -> Start Date?) modifying a field from the current date is not working like recommended in the documentation. All time spans seem to need to be modeled off of a date field otherwise an error occurs.

2. I can't find a way to trigger an event based on a field change. In standard workflow you can check on a field change and set conditions on the new field value ( or old or both). Is there a way to do this in Process Author. I only see a way to check if a field is a certain value and run either always when the field is that value or the first time. There are quite a few instances where running each time a field is set to a value is beneficial. Otherwise all of these will have to changed to logic hooks.