Alex Nassi

SugarCRM® Community Guidelines

Discussion created by Alex Nassi Employee on Jan 14, 2015

This is a community of real users who collaborate on answers, solutions, and ideas about SugarCRM and the Sugar® products. What they love about it – and what they wish was better. We invite you to make your mark here, but here are the rules we expect all community members to follow.


We are committed to enforcing these guidelines, as well as our Site Terms of Use.  We reserve the right to delete any posts that do not adhere to these guidelines or to ban anyone who repeatedly violates these guidelines or our Site Terms of Use.  Any posts that are not covered by these guidelines but otherwise create a negative experience for other community members may also be removed or otherwise moderated. These guidelines may be modified in the future as necessary at the discretion of SugarCRM.


Be Open and Honest

This community is based on the contributions of real people representing themselves honestly. We encourage all users to use their actual identities on this community.  Do not misrepresent yourself or your affiliations or use multiple accounts to violate these guidelines or harass or deceive others.


Add Value

This community is designed for discovery, direct involvement, and personal recognition. Make it a richer place by sharing your experience and insight. Ask well-reasoned questions, give valuable answers, and reward and acknowledge those who do the same.


Be Constructive

Healthy conversation and debate can make a difference, so long as it’s not a personal attack on someone else.  Be constructive with your criticism and make sure what you say is something you’d be willing to say to that person if you were talking to them face to face..


Be Respectful

Be sensitive to other users around you.  Don’t post content that violates our Site Terms of Use (e.g., content that is hateful, abusive, harassing, defamatory, fabricated, misleading, threatening, profane, or promotes unlawful activity, off-topic, self-promoting, posted repetitively, or deliberately disruptive).


Be Relevant

It is okay to talk up the products or services you love (or sell), but only if it is relevant to the conversation.  Posts that appear to be solicitations or advertisements, especially when they are not requested by others, are likely to be removed.


Have Integrity

Make sure you have the right to publish the content you post to our community, and don’t violate the privacy of others.


(Updated April 1, 2016)