Ray Ray

How to have the Industry field in Leads bring the value over to Accounts when converting?

Discussion created by Ray Ray on Nov 19, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2014 by David Sánchez
I'm new to SugarCRM, I'm on version Sugar On Demand Professional.

I'm trying to capture Industry information (as drop down field) in a lead and then bring this information over to Industry field of the Account module when we convert the lead.

I'm not sure if we can have an association between these two fields which means that if we change the value in Account it will be reflected in Lead and vice versa or we can only copy the value over when converting.

I read this post How can I map data from stock Leads fields to custom fields in the Accounts module when converting? and tried the suggestion of creating new fields in both module with the same name and hide the original field, but I encountered a problem where I don't see 'Calculated Value' option if the field is drop down.

In that same post, there is also a suggestion to use Logic Hook, I don't mind trying if this can be done in On Demand version which is not self hosted.

But obviously, I prefer a solution where, no coding is required.

Or if there is another better solution to solve this issue, it is welcome too.