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New Install on Windows7 (Bitnami Apache,MySQL,PHP,SugarCRM v6.5.17.  Error on attempt to add field in studio

Question asked by RGW RGW on Aug 7, 2014
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New Install on Windows7 (Bitnami Apache,MySQL,PHP, Community edition SugarCRM v6.5.17).  Error on attempt to add field in studio.  Installation was all defaulted - right out of the box - no changes. 
Warning message as follows is presented immediately upon clicking "Add Field" button: 

Warning: Creating default object from empty value in   C:\xampp\apps\sugarcrm\htdocs\modules\ModuleBuilder\views\view.modulefield.php   on line 151 
{"east":{"title":"Edit Field","crumb":"","content":" 
  Line 151 says: 
            $module->mbvardefs->vardefs = $dictionary[$objectName]; 
I can't be the first user to run into this issue.  Any ideas as to how to resolve it?
Thanks in advance.