Gaelle Fernandez

QuickSearch input : which files do i modify?

Discussion created by Gaelle Fernandez on Feb 28, 2014
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Hello everybody!
Since nobody answered to my question "How do I filter quicksearch results from another relationship field value? ",

i've dug a little more into the internet, and found this little tutorial on :

But, this is what sometimes i can blame Sugar tutos : which files do we have to modify?

I want to modify Opportunities module, and i want to make the relate field "Contact" quick search (NOT THE POPUP) showing only contacts related to the Account field.

(so, as an example : in ARMOR accounts, we have 25 contacts. I want the quick search searching only in these 25 contacts, while the user type the name in the contact field)

so i can guess i have to do this through custom folder. okay. But which file do i hava to change? Opportunities.php? views/view.edit.php?

Please, i think this is no big time to answer me, so please take 5 seconds to help me.
Thank you.