Welcome to the New SugarCRM Community!

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The new SugarCRM Community will be a place for our end users, partners & developers to engage with SugarCRM and each other.

Here are some of the new features:
  • No post moderation required before new topics or replies will display (regardless of post count)
  • Ability to follow specific categories of interest (e.g. Development Best Practices, Sugar 7, one of our foreign language categories, etc.) so that any new conversations under that category will notify you via email. You can also select to be notified about any conversations, regardless of category, posted to the community under your profile once signed in.
  • Conversations are grouped by one of 4 types: Questions, Ideas, Problems, and Praise. These types will help you further isolate the conversations meaning the most to you.
  • Ability to follow specific conversations to receive updates when someone adds a reply or comment.
  • Ability to "Me Too" conversations so that we understand the priority of a particular conversation. For conversations tagged as problems, this will help us drive toward prioritizing a solution in an upcoming release and for for conversations tagged as ideas, this will help us understand what functionality is most meaningful to you.
  • Federated search is introduced when creating a conversation so that you can be sure your question isn't already answered within the community or on one of our other SugarCRM resources such as the SugarCRM Knowledge Base, product documentation, etc.
  • Questions & Problems can have confirmed solutions by original poster and by SugarCRM
  • Replies can be "liked" by the community so the most helpful responses can rise to the top.
Please take time to review the following posts to get you help get you started: