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Our Contacts typically tend to move around in the same industry, so odds are, when they leave one Company they'll show up later in another Account we service - which is why we'd like to retain any associated history. 

Over time, as users began to edit Contacts, rather than sending the info to admin, many fields were left untouched (which made them still "mailable," visible, etc), so I'm looking to make this more efficient (because all teams use Sugar for all things, Contacts have to be editable - not sure a Role can fix this one).


QUESTION: could this work?

If all Users had to do was replace the Account name with one established for this sole purpose i.e.<Contacts Moved Co.> (versus being orphaned or left on the account), this could all easy filtering to either clean up records or searching for a contact before creating.  Is there a better method? What is the considered best practice for removing or disassociating a Contact no longer at a Company, but whose information is worthy of keeping? 


Is this true?  

once removed from the Account, any linked records the Contact had remain at the Account level and Contact level until manually unlinked from both, record x record, no matter the Contact's Account name? 


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