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Sugar BPM / Advanced Workflow future/current/past comparisons

Question asked by Steven Cox on Jul 28, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2019 by Patrick McQueen



I'm writing some business workflows in 9.0.1 Enterprise and I'm following a design similar to:


I'm working with meetings and want to fire events when scheduled meetings become overdue. The sample given in the link above will work perfectly - but with the wait event being 10 seconds in the past rather than 5 days in the future. However, we have one edge case that I can't see how to incorporate.


(Note, the process termination is set to the meeting status being set to held/not-held).


If a meeting has been set to held/not-held and then subsequently set back to scheduled (either on purpose or by accident) then:


If the start date is in the future, treat as a normally scheduled meeting and start a process again with the wait event as above.


Else, if it's in the past, never start or terminate.



I can't see how to use a 'now' comparison in the criteria for the start_date in the start-event - it only allows for given date/times.


Any suggestions on how to best handle this case?