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Case Number will be AUTO GENERATED Upon Save

Question asked by john Fieldsend on May 21, 2019

hi all, just trying to understand the logic of sugar, I have a custom endpoint to create a case


public function CreateACase($api, $args) {
global $db;
global $current_user;
$result = array(
'id' => '',
'success' => false,
'errors' => 'Invalid Parameteres',
'args' => $args,
'user' => $current_user->fetched_row['region_c'],

$casebean = BeanFactory::getBean("Cases");
$casebean->contact_id = $args['ContactId'];
$casebean->status = $args['Status'];
$casebean->caseorigin_c = $args['Origin'];
$casebean->description = $args['Description'];
$casebean->issue_description_155_c = $args['Description'];
$casebean->customersstatedissue_c = $args['Subject'];
$casebean->contact_id1_c = $args['ContactId'];
$casebean->s_serialnumber_cases_1s_serialnumber_ida = $args['Serial_Number__c'];


$bean = BeanFactory::retrieveBean('Cases', $casebean->id);
if(!empty($bean)) {
$result['function'] = __CLASS__;
$result['id'] = $casebean->id;
$result['case'] = $bean->name;
$result['success'] = true;
$result['errors'] = [];
return $result;


this is creating the case as expected via the api, the problem is the developer before me created an after save hook to generate the case number


$hook_array['after_save'][] = Array(1,'Case Number','custom/modules/Cases/casehooks.php','casehooks','setCaseNumber',);


I thought this would fire when I did $casebean->save(); then I would be able to get the generatedcase number and return to the user with $bean = BeanFactory::retrieveBean('Cases', $casebean->id); I get the b=new case id returned fine but the name always comes back with "Case Number will be AUTO GENERATED Upon Save". I assume that the after_save hook hasn't yet fired so I don't understand how I retrieve the the new case name and get the after save hook to fire