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creating mail template

Question asked by Hugo Geyskens on May 15, 2019

I'm asked to update a mail template (add two new fields).

First time I look into this and the Sugar knowledge db doesn't offer me info I need.

From the below lines coming from that template : what's the structure of such a line ?

Dear Credit Manager,

My opportunity for Account: {::future::Opportunities::accounts::name::} has reached 30% feasibility and I will now provide a quote to the Account. If there are any credit concerns for this Account, please advise.

Opportunity: {::future::Opportunities::name::}
Account: {::future::Opportunities::accounts::name::}
SAP ID: {::future::Opportunities::accounts::account_code_c::}
City: {::future::Opportunities::accounts::billing_address_city::}
State: {::future::Opportunities::accounts::billing_address_state::}
Account Type: {::future::Opportunities::accounts::account_sub_type_local_c::}

Current Sales Stage: {::future::Opportunities::sales_stage::}
Opportunity Value: {::future::Opportunities::amount::} 
Opportunity Owner: {::future::Opportunities::assigned_user_name::}

Click here to see the record


What is ::future:: meaning ? Should I typ this in by hand or is it added automatically one way or another ?

When I hit Insert after selecting a field via the Insert Variable (7,9 release) it only inserts the field name like this


In that "Insert Variable" section of the edit template screen , I cannot select the Opportunities module, although those fields are used above...I can only choose Account, Leads or User... ?

so... I'm confused how this existing mail template was created (4 years ago)

Even more confused since the Knowledge DB seems to show a different screen when they talk about inserting new variables



Can somebody clairify this for me please ?