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How can I update the 'assigned to' field once a user takes a ticket through the self-service portal?

Question asked by bahri pakyuz on Dec 5, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2018 by B_Canales

we have multiple departments who will be dealing with tickets; IT, Maintenance and Electrical.


When a case is being opened, there is a dropdown list to select which deparment the ticket is for but each department has multiple users so I want each dept to be able to take tickets when they can using the self-service portal.


What I planned to do was to create a group account with a group-email addrss for each dept so that each member of that group received the case creation email.


e.g ticket is created, IT is selected as the dept and ticket is saved. Ticket automatically assigned to 'IT Group' and email sent to the general IT group email. Once a user from the IT group claims the ticket, the 'Assigned to' field should update to that user.


What happens is that the 'Assigned to' field remains as 'IT Group' 


In my attached example, I am only working on the logic for the IT team. the other two can be ignored for now.