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SugarCRM Migration - Need to Know

Discussion created by Mily Rose on Nov 12, 2018

Starting a business is not difficult, especially when this digital world is full of opportunities. However, to flourish and thrive in a business, you need to have a consistent communication and relationship with your clients. In this era of super complex business scenarios, you cannot do that manually without the help of a good CRM platform. A customer relationship management system helps your team to get the data exactly when they need it, and thus improving the customer experience better.


SugarCRM is one of the best CRM platforms available in the market. This powerful and open source CRM helps the sales and marketing of your organization and boosts the profitability of your business. It creates result-oriented strategies for sales and helps you imply and store your customer data for analytics automatically.We have migrate many CRM data into SugarCRM platform including Daylite CRM to SugarCRM Migration


As my opinion, SugarCRM platform help to improve productivity and empower the sales team. I request to all SugarCRM expert please share your opinion about it.

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