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How to show display label by formula when creating record?

Question asked by Katrine Sørensen on Nov 8, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2018 by Patrick McQueen

When creating a record in a module, i want to give the record a name automatically dependent of some fields in the record. 

I do this by giving it a calcualted value through studio. 

The name of the record should display account name and a value from a dropdown on the record.

When the name is calculated, it shows the account name, and the value from the dropdown, but the value from the dropdown is the system name. 

It is possible to display the label instead of the system name?


I have:

concat(related($account,"name")," - ",$type_c))



System, Display label

1, Low

2, Medium

3, High


Then my result is ex:

Account  - 1


But I want it to say:

Account - Low