Customfields on relationships

Idea created by B_Canales on Dec 21, 2018
    • B_Canales
    • Shad Mickelberry
    • Kristjan Geir Mathiesen

    The idea is easy: give relationships attributes.


    nowadays we can link modules by creating several types of relationships which causes that SugarCRM creates a link table in the database linking record A to B.


    This table has room for other fields like a "type" of relationship and I would like to add it. Actually to display this I need to place a module between both modules to add attributes. That causes lots of unnecessary clicks for the user, also reports got more difficult as they should.


    Some usecases:


    1. member of - What kind of? Is it a subsidary? A delivery location? A store?

    2. Accounts: Contacts - Give a person a role besides its function. How many of you would like to add ONE special contact for ONE special role for each account?

    3. Opportunities: Add line item as required or optional

    4. Link a person to a project with a role in this project like project manager, consultant, internal / external ressource

    5. Opportunities: link contacts as a sponsor, decider, blocking person etc. (or based on accounts -> same logic for prospects)


    I can write down so many things...


    Let's expand the relationship table asap :-)



    Best regards